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Taking Your Public Relations Online

In this day of in demand public relations specialist, hiring a public relations specialist, or even a public relations firm, can get very expensive. If you do not have the means at this time to take advantage of public relations firms there are low cost and even free options available on the internet.

One option is simply renting space online to put up your own web site. On this web site you can include information about your company, upcoming news and releases. You can also make it available to your employees to post their articles and news to. After creating your web site you will simply need to create traffic flow to the web site. You can do this through putting key words in search engines. The more key words you put in the more people you will get to your site.

By constantly posting, and allowing your employees to post company news and events at your site you will get more traffic to your site from people interested in what you have to offer. If you are to post articles talking about exciting changes or product releases there is a good probability that you will be able to attract people also interested in your product to your site and if those articles are readily available those people can then make them available to their public, thus giving you publicity.

You can also use emailing online as a source of public relations. There are email lists that have been collected by other companies who are interested in your same line of products or information. Those lists can be purchased and can be used to send out your own information about your products. Most of the people on the list will be on the list because somewhere they signed up as having been interested in what you are offering. Thus an email list will give you possibly thousands of customers immediately.

The problem with these email lists that can be purchased is that the hopeful customers you are contacting did not give there information directly to you. When you contact them they are most likely going to be irritated that their personal information was sold for business purposes and regardless of what you have to offer you may just end up in their spam folder. If these are however thousands of customers that who would otherwise never hear of or know of you, than possibly from a business stand point it is worth the irritated customers to weed out those few hundred who may actually be interested in whatever you have to say.

If you do not want to take the chance of making thousands of people mad, especially when you are a newly starting company, than it is probably better to practice some patience and wait until you can form an email list from your own customers. That way you can ask them if they would like to hear from you, and then they are not going to be surprised (unless they have Alzheimer’s) when they do hear from you. Being on a positive stand point with these people who are receiving your email they are more likely to pass your information along to others that they know of who may be interested in your line of work.

You can also send out press releases online for free. Because there is an ever growing population of online newspapers and magazines than there are ever more journalist, editors, and news reporters looking for something to report on. With the hundreds of reporting and news sites there are you can submit your news to them and because of the demand you are more likely to be picked up. The only downfall to this is you have to submit them yourself one by one, and guess which companies are the best to submit them to, where if you had an agency working for you they would already know who is the best and would be able to submit them immediately and all at once.

There are always options online for getting publicity and for engaging in public relations, there are also constantly opportunities being added and news sites opening up. If you keep on top of the new opportunities you ought to find a great source for public relations online.

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