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A blog is an online journal established by individuals and/or companies that can be accessed by internet users. The word blog is derived from the term “web log”. Blogs are normally simple websites that allow individuals to post daily written entries and/or photographs on a variety of topics. Visitors to a blog can post comments pertaining to blog entries or graphics. The words blog and blogging may also be used as verbs, and indicate that a person has created their own, or is editing, their own blog.

Blogs originated as online journals, or diary-like personal accounts. As blogs evolved, individuals have used them as a tool not only for personal accounts, but for the circulation of information or personal interests. Many individuals have found fame and/or notoriety through their blog. Currently, there is estimated to be over 10 to 50 million blogs worldwide, a portion of which may not be actively edited.

Any person can create their own blog. A variety of internet sites, such as, provide free blog pages to individuals who register. Blogs are not regulated or edited for content, and can feature anything the owner of the blog wishes to write or show.

Public Relations Blogs
Blogs have become so ubiquitous that companies, organizations, and corporations frequently utilize blogs as a form of public relations. The vast majority of public relations related blogs are those offering public relations tips and ideas. Usually operated by a public relations expert or professional, these public relations tips blogs offer valuable advise, tips, sources, and ideas for use in public relations. Public relations tips blogs can provide professionals, companies, corporations, and organizations with a variety of valuable information, and access to opinions and public relations events. They also frequently provide a plethora of public relations related news excerpts from a variety of sources, as well as photographs that assist with or help describe public relations issues.

The advantages of using public relations tips blogs:

– They give companies/organizations/entities the opportunity to read about what other people have to say in response to views on a public relations topic;
– They are an excellent way of sharing and circulating knowledge;
– They are an excellent way to maintain a stream of news from the organization;
– They allow consumer and organizations itself to potentially be better informed;
– They provide access to public relations related events and announcements;
– They provide instant access to condensed and relevant information;
– They provide access to and feedback on new public relations tools and reactions.

Companies, organizations, and professionals may choose to create their own tips blog for a variety of reasons:
1. To circulate information within a company;
2. To circulate information and tips within the industry;
3. To generate feedback and efficacy or plausibility on public relations tips and ideas;
4. To generate business for themselves and circulate their name or brand.

Public relations tips blogs vary in style, content, and form, but all offer potentially useful information on public relations related topics. They may also serve as generators for public relations ideas.

Popular Public Relations Tips Blogs
There is currently a large variety of public relations tips blogs accessible on the internet. Some prime examples include:

– Public Relations and Publicity Blog:
Offers a large range of public relations related ideas, tips, and opinions.

– PR Ideas:
Offers a large range of public relations related articles, ideas, and tips on a variety of categories.

– PR
Designed for use by public relations professionals, educators, and students, with access to free blog creation and a range of public relations related articles and tips.

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